AeroHandlers Sdn Bhd

AeroHandlers Sdn Bhd addresses the many customer service requirements and provides its customers with a dynamic method to all aspect of ground handling.

With years of experience under our belt, we implement a safe and effect resource management to meet a highly diverse range of needs to exacting standards.

We pride ourselves in offering world-class services that include technical support, coordination, refueling, passenger and crew transportation, catering, and customers’ accommodation and clearance services ..... 

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Our Services
We understand your aircraft are valuable assets that need to be wisely and efficiently managed. We provide services as follows:
- Aircraft Marshalling
- Aircraft pushback and towing
- Baggage Handling
- Aircraft Cabin Cleaning
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- Crew/VIPs transport arrangement
- Hotel Arrangements
- Customs, Immigration and Quarantine facilitation
- VIP handling
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- Technical Services
- Oxygen
- Nitrogen
- Forklift
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- Short Term Hangarage
- Long Term Hangarage
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- Cabin normal and deep cleaning
- Aircraft washing
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AeroHandlers Sdn Bhd
Old Cargo Complex,
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah
International Airport,
47200 Subang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Tel No: +603 - 7846 2304
Fax No: +603 - 7847 2014

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